Civil explosives are substances or devices that can cause controlled explosions for various purposes, such as mining, quarrying, and construction. Civil explosives are designed to be safe, reliable, and efficient in breaking rocks and other materials. Some of the common types of civil explosives are


A blasting agent made from specially treated Prilled Porous Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN) with Fuel Oil, used in various applications including mining, quarrying, and construction.

  • Low cost and easy to use
  • High energy output and good fragmentation
  • Suitable for dry boreholes and bulk loading

Water Gel (Slurry) Explosives

 A type of explosive that uses a water-based gel as the matrix, known for its water resistance and safety features, used in various blasting operations

  • High water resistance and stability
  • Low sensitivity and high safety
  • Good performance in wet boreholes and variable rock conditions

Petra Boost Explosives

A booster used with explosives to ensure reliable detonation, characterized by its high velocity of detonation and weight strength.

Petra Gel Explosives

A type of water gel explosive known for its high velocity of detonation and weight strength, used in various blasting operations.

Blasting Accessories

Blasting accessories are components used in the application of explosives. They provide the means to initiate, control, and synchronize the explosions. Some of the common blasting accessories are

Detonating Cord

A thin, flexible plastic tube filled with high explosives. It is used to initiate other explosives. 

Safety Fuse

A slow-burning, reliable fuse used for detonation. 

Plain Detonators

These provide the initial shock required to detonate the main explosive charge.

Delay Electric Detonators

These allow for precise control over the timing of explosions. 

Shock Tubes (NONEL)

Non-electric detonation systems used for precise, safe control of blasting operations.

Instantaneous Electric Detonator

It is an apparatus that detonates without delay upon application of an electric firing current, commonly used in mining and commercial applications.


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